What’s in my Makeup Bag. 

Journal Entry #19   I usually don’t carry all of this around with me, but I would like to share some of my current favorites with you.  First I would like to tell you where I got my makeup bag at.  It’s a Pamela Barsky cosmetic bag, I was able to get it at Read More

Gigi Hadid.

Journal Entry #18 Gigi Hadid has taken the fashion world by storm this year. She is one of my favorite models right now. So, this is basically going to be a post of Gigi and her looks from Fashion Week and her and Cody. Does anyone else agree that her and Cody are the cutest? Read More


Journal Entry #17 Today I want to introduce my dog Luna Belle McLear. Also known as “Looney Tunes” “Luna Eclipse” “Luna Bagoona” She is a Dachshund Maltese mix. Her birthday is June 11. Thank you for reading! -thebrunettejournals xx S. Read More

Kentucky’s Winter.

Journal Entry #16 So this years winter has been the worst yet and I thought I would share some photos of what happened to my house for a week straight. So then of course I went out and took some selfies… Did you guys get hit by the storm, tell me if you did! Thank Read More

My favorite Instagramers

Journal Entry #15 Today I want to tell you some of my favorite instagramers! I hope you find some accounts that you may like and go check them out! ITSBECCAROSE http://instagram.com/itsbeccarose KRISTINA_BAZAN http://instagram.com/kristina_bazan MIMIKONN http://instagram.com/mimiikonn THISISGLAMOROUS http://instagram.com/thisisglamorous SARAHKJP http://instagram.com/sarahkjp Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed! -thebrunettejournals xx S. Read More

Michael Kors Fall 2015. My Favorite Looks

Journal Entry #14 These are my top four looks from the Michael Kors 2015 Fall Collection. The whole collection was very clean and elegant. I loved the fur on the pieces and also loved the simplicity of the hair and makeup. What was your favorite show of NYFW? -thebrunettejournals xx. S. Read More

Diane Von Furstenberg: The Woman I Wanted To Be

Journal Entry #13 Hey you guys, I’m coming to you with a book review of The Woman I Wanted To Be by DVF. So the book is about the iconic fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg. The book started off with her mother and life in Belgium. She speaks out about her mother and how she Read More

My top 5 REDS!

Journal Entry #12 So these are my top reds, from drugstore to high end. (Left to Right) 1. MAC – Russian Red 2. MAC – Matte Salon Rouge (holiday) 3. L’oreal Paris- British Red 4. Rimmel LONDON – 11 5. Rimmel LONDON – 10 Thank you so much for reading. -S Read More

It’s 2015!

Journal Entry #11 So it’s officially 2015 and I’m very excited on what’s to come! I feel like this year will be a new chapter to my life, and one for the records. I’m graduating from high school and going to college. I feel like it will signify that I’m now an adult and ready Read More

My 2014 Christmas.

Journal Entry #10 This past Christmas was one of my favorites, because now that i’m older I see that Christmas is all about family and spending time with them.  I think it has really hit me over the past months because i’m going to college this year and will be doing things on my own. Read More

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