2018 Resolutions

Journal Entry #79 Happy New Year! Yes, I know we are half way through January and everyone has already posted about their resolutions and goals for the year. I thought I would fill you in on what I would like to do and achieve for the year. Also this is a great way for me Read More

Last Italian Day

Journal Entry #78 Leaving Firenze is heartbreaking, this city has given me so much on this trip. This is the first place I have traveled to outside of the U.S. It will forever have a special place in my heart. I will miss walking everywhere. It takes 15-20 minutes to walk anywhere. Passing the architecture Read More

Roman Holiday

Journal Entry #77 This past weekend we headed to Rome. We stayed two nights and squeezed everything possible into the two days. We arrived in Rome on Saturday, we checked into our rooms and headed out. Dr. Bush gave us a walking tour of Rome, which I applaud her on. I had the best time Read More

Italian Days

Journal Entry #76 Hands down this was the best day of the trip. I’m so happy we went to the Pitti Palace. This Palace holds a historical costume exhibit and art. The inside was equally as beautiful as the outside. This is the day Chelsey and myself bonded with so many people in our group. Read More

David and Meaningful Moments

Journal Entry #75 Thursday was a fairly simple day. We went to class then to the Academia Gallery to see “The David”. Elisabetta was our guide thorough the museum, I love when she takes us places because she gives us so much history on how the school and the building and makes sense of everything Read More

High Fashion

Journal Entry #74 Wednesday was an eventful day! We started off with class, then headed to Pitti Mosaici. I was blown away when I walked in. There was so much to look at and it was unbelievable all of this art was made from stone. We went down to their studio where everything is made Read More

You’re an Angel

Journal Entry #73 Instead of going to class on Monday morning, we participated in a community service activity here in Firenze. I was very excited to help this beautiful city, that has been welcoming to our group. We were able to clean up this beautiful park through Angeli Del Bello. When we arrived we were Read More

Siena for the Weekend

Journal Entry #72 Saturday we jumped on a bus and headed for Siena. Arriving in Siena reminded me very much of being home. The winding roads and hills of trees made me a little homesick. I do have to say, Siena is a beautiful city that I’m so happy to of had the chance to Read More

Leather and Duomo

Journal Entry #71 We started off the day as usual with our Italian language class. Afterwards we headed off to the Scuola del Cuolo. This is a school and leather factory.  It is a family owned company, that makes many different leather products. Clients of the factory range from customers like me to Presidents of Read More

Tre F’s

Journal Entry #70 Food. Fashion. Family. Firenze, Italy is known for all three. The delicious pizza and pastas. Famous fashion designers. The big Italian family. When I first arrived in Italy the first thing I needed was food. I did not know the variety of food they offered. Italian food is my absolute favorite, so Read More

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