2018 Resolutions

Journal Entry #79

Happy New Year! Yes, I know we are half way through January and everyone has already posted about their resolutions and goals for the year. I thought I would fill you in on what I would like to do and achieve for the year. Also this is a great way for me to get back into blogging.


Last year I went to Italy and to Myrtle Beach. This year I want to travel more and take time to enjoy new places. A few of the places I would like to go are Myrtle Beach (again), New York City during Spring Break. Also going back to Italy would be nice, but in the summer. I for sure know that I’m going to Nashville for a Harry Styles’ concert in June.


This year I will finish college. Hopefully. School is getting tiresome and I want to do something else. Not much to say, I just want to finish.


This year has already started off well. I’ve been tracking my workouts in my journal and I enjoy ticking off everyday once I work out. It pushes me to workout and tick the box off. I feel really good about this year and motivated to find new ways to workout. I just found this youtuber, The Fitness Marshall and he does dance videos. Something different than boring gym workouts.


I haven’t blogged since last January, I always want to write posts, but I never think people are interested. Therefore, I’m just going to write and see where this goes. Youtube is an interest of mine. I don’t think I’ll do well with sit down videos, but vlogs would be fun for me. When I went to Italy I made some short films, and I like editing and seeing what I can do with some clips and music.

Thank you for reading, please comment some of your new year goals/resolutions down in the comments. I can not wait to blog again and maybe start up a youtube. I will fill you in with everything as it happens.

TBJ xx.

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