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Halloween DIY.

Journal Entry #3 This Halloween I wanted to engage myself more into the holiday. So today I’m sharing with you a DIY that I saw on Pinterest. This is DIY doesn’t have to be perfect, I found that out at the end. (lol) I hope you enjoy! Supplies needed: Hammer Nails Coffee Tin Black Paint Read More

Fall Favorites

Journal Entry #2 It’s October and that means fall is officially here! Here is a list of a few Fall things that I’m looking forward to: Football Games Halloween Hocus Pocus Cozy blankets and movie nights CANDLES Netflix every night (not like that doesn’t already happen) Getting into the Christmas spirit too early (not a Read More

Fall is here!

Journal Entry #1 Fall is my second favorite season of the year, coming right after winter. The cold weather is the best in my opinion because it means layers, warm candles, hot chocolate and Friday night football games. It really gets me in the mood for all of the holidays! Especially Christmas, which I’m so Read More