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Journal Entry # 25 One of my New Years resolutions was to get in shape.  It’s definitely a long process and I’ve learned that it’s not going to happen overnight.  Thursday was officially 12 weeks since I started Blogilates! (Jan 1st)  I used to do Blogilates sporadically and never kept up with it.  Until this Read More


Journal Entry #23 Emerald is my favorite color, also my birthstone.  I’ve recently become obsessed with it!  Therefore I want to share with you some pretty photos of random things that are emerald.     Thank you guys so much for reading! -thebrunettejournals xx S. Read More

Current Favorite Music

Journal Entry #22 I thought I would share with you a list of the songs that I’ve been liking.  I hope you enjoy and find some new music!  Take me to Church by Hozier  Shutup and Dance by Walk the Moon You’ll be in my Heart by Phil Collins Where do Broken Hearts Go and Read More


Journal Entry #17 Today I want to introduce my dog Luna Belle McLear. Also known as “Looney Tunes” “Luna Eclipse” “Luna Bagoona” She is a Dachshund Maltese mix. Her birthday is June 11. Thank you for reading! -thebrunettejournals xx S. Read More

Kentucky’s Winter.

Journal Entry #16 So this years winter has been the worst yet and I thought I would share some photos of what happened to my house for a week straight. So then of course I went out and took some selfies… Did you guys get hit by the storm, tell me if you did! Thank Read More

It’s 2015!

Journal Entry #11 So it’s officially 2015 and I’m very excited on what’s to come! I feel like this year will be a new chapter to my life, and one for the records. I’m graduating from high school and going to college. I feel like it will signify that I’m now an adult and ready Read More

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