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School Wish List

Journal Entry #42 Hello my lovely readers!  School is just around the corner and I’m going to college. (no big deal right?..) I’m really excited to do something new and I feel so ready right now to just live life. Eh eh eh eh eh eh.. No?  Anyways I want to revamp myself and try Read More

2016 Is Close..

Journal Entry #41 July is almost over and I recently did a recap of the year and looked at my resolution list to see what I’ve accomplished.   This has motivated me to do better the rest of the year and really get my life started.  I encourage everyone reading this to write out what Read More

Current Makeup

Journal Entry #40 Summer is almost over and I wanted to share what I’m wearing on my face everyday.  I’ve gotten it down a routine this summer and I could do my makeup in my sleep.    I start with the Garnier Moisture Rescue and wait a few minutes before applying my Loréal Infallable Pro-Matte Read More

The Nightingale Review 

Journal Entry #39 During the month of May I found this book called The Nightingale and guys it’s the best book that I’ve bought in a long time!  The setting is in Carriveau, France during World War Two; 1939.  Just by that you know it’s going to be about the Nazis’ and concentration camps basically Read More


Journal Entry #35 This post is a day late, sorry about that.  I wanted to talk about friends.  Not the ones in your life but the TV show.  I’m sure most of you have already watched it, but I didn’t even know about it until November of last year.  So I started really watching it Read More

Dream Travel Places

Journal Entry #34 I really wanted to share some dream travel places of mine!  I’ve been lacking motivation recently and if I show you where I want to go one day, it might motivate me to keep going!  All of my photos I use are from Google.   Paris, France    Scotland     San Diego, Read More

Style Favorites from Coachella

Journal Entry #32 If you have social media or any connection to the world you know that last weekend was the start to Coachella.  If you don’t know what Coachella is, it’s basically the biggest music festival in the world and is hosted in Palm Springs, California!  So many celebrities and musicians go and I Read More


Journal Entry #30 Today I wanted to tell you about writing.  I feel like writing is an outlet for a lot of people.  I personally don’t like expressing my emotions too much so I usually write it all out in my journal.  Writing doesn’t just have to be about your life or like a daily Read More


Journal Entry # 25 One of my New Years resolutions was to get in shape.  It’s definitely a long process and I’ve learned that it’s not going to happen overnight.  Thursday was officially 12 weeks since I started Blogilates! (Jan 1st)  I used to do Blogilates sporadically and never kept up with it.  Until this Read More


Journal Entry #23 Emerald is my favorite color, also my birthstone.  I’ve recently become obsessed with it!  Therefore I want to share with you some pretty photos of random things that are emerald.     Thank you guys so much for reading! -thebrunettejournals xx S. Read More

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